Dominik Pataky

Hello! My name's Dominik, also known by my nickname cookie. In 2019 I finished my studies in computer science at the TU Dresden, Germany. Afterwards, I was part of a team which aimed to found a startup in the focus of Kubernetes platform security (spin-off financed by the German EXIST-Stipendium, starting with the knowledge from two final theses). Besides technology and software development, my interests include philosophy, history, environmental protection and politics. I like to use the slogan Humanity cannot be digitized because of my strong believe in that no technological advance will ever be able to replace our nature-based foundation as humans.

From time to time I share my experiences on my blog, it's a mix of stories about software and politics.

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Want to leave me a message? You can mail me at ue.ykatapd@-bamliam (PGP 0xB327F19FE4FBF9B0) or alternatively use Twitter or Mastodon. For business inquiries you can also contact me on XING. Query bitkeks on Freenode!

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IT & Software

My main focuses in IT are security, privacy, data analysis, networking and distributed systems, and virtualisation. The following list contains my tech stack experience:

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