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Hello! My name's Dominik, also known by my nickname cookie and handle bitkeks. In short, I'm a politically committed European digital citizen.

Professionally, my current domain of work is in information security with focus on IT security, networks and infrastructure compliance, as well as programming with an emphasis on stability. Besides technology and software development, my interests include philosophy, history, environmental protection and politics. From time to time I share my experiences on my blog, it's a mix of stories about software and other things occuring in daily life.

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Want to leave me a message? You can mail me at ue.ykatapd@-bamliam or alternatively use Twitter or Mastodon. Sensitive data can be encrypted with the age key age12w69mft3f2a36k3aer69xvfq3tqgqa0c2lc96zy9t50yq292q3xs7gva26. For business inquiries you can also contact me on XING or LinkedIn. My Github profile can be found at

IT & Software

My main focuses in IT are networking, privacy and security, data analysis, distributed systems and virtualisation. Over the years I have contributed to many software projects, or created my own. I am for example the creator and maintainer of the netflow package on PyPI.


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